Parents, help is on the way...

Keeping children in “preschool” when they can’t be IN preschool. Imagine Virtual Preschool will provide your young child with daily FREE 1 MONTH of sessions will be emailed to you.

After 5 days from sign up, you'll be charged only $27 per month ( < $1 a  day!) from then on.

FREE Song book with first paid month to say Thank You!

Structure, which helps with self-regulation
Reading books, which helps with focus
Singing songs, which helps with learning new vocabulary
Playing games, which helps with thinking critically
Engaging your child, which helps with language


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“Observe and listen to children because when they ask “why?” they are not simply asking for the answer from you. They are requesting the courage to find a collection of possible answers.”
- Carlina Rinaldi

Parent Comments:

"We think this is so great and so nice to have some continuity of school for (our child). She seems very engaged, we heard her talking to the iPad a lot during the session today." "...these are fun and she really likes to see her friends and she says, “I miss my friends” after every hang up!"


"It was really cool to see how engaged the kids were and how quickly they adjusted to the (Virtual Preschool). We have definitely noticed that (Our child) is more emotional in general. However I do think (Virtual Preschool) has provided some structure for her. She naps regularly again and gets excited to see everyone in the morning. She has momentum after school and will continue to build or work on projects."


"Such a nice slow and steady pace. (Our child) talks and asks about her friends and sings the songs and talks about the characters in the books, so we know she's taking in what you're doing."


"Overall, I believe the (Virtual Preschool) has been successful with (our child), it has brought some needed structure to his mornings and helps him focus a bit more during the day without asking us to play with him. Since the quarantine began, he has become more clingy and emotional... (Since the "Virtual Preschool")...There has been less tears about missing his friends this week...He looks forward to his morning school time, even though he does get distracted at times..."


"I have noticed (my child is) a little more able to do things on his own again, like go potty or get dressed. He has been talking about feelings a little more. Saying he has sad or happy feelings. He’s always been great at playing solo but recently (since the quarantine) wants me to join him more. He seems to be enjoying the class even though it’s hard for him to stay engaged with a screen for a full hour."


La Crescenta California, 91214       (818) 696-3151      Lic# 198018535

La Crescenta California, 91214
(818) 696-3151
Lic# 198018535